Jul 5th 2017

In Focus – Nick Price, Classic Golf Swing

Born in Durban, South Africa and known as one of the all-time best ball strikers, Nick Price has a classic golf swing and has been a direct influence in the development of the hot, new DaVinci Golf swing devices including the Total Golf Trainer.Hallmarks of Price’s game include the ability to drive
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Jun 15th 2017

In Focus – Jack Nicklaus, Possibly Some Things You Didn’t Know

Jack Nicklaus is the most recognizable golfer in our nation and one of the most well-known athletes on the planet. Nicklaus has leveraged his on course accomlishments with great success to golf course design, product licensing, and philanthropy. Nicklaus’ game has been instrumental in the DaVinci Go
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May 29th 2017

Teach Every Shot – DaVinci’s Total Golf Trainer Product Review

Golf is a game of consistency with motion, balance and concentration. Players can enhance performance using a single repetitive motion to gain a higher rate of improvement in their golf game. The Total Golf Trainer has “All In One” usage training with 12 different settings, 3 shapes to support all
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May 22nd 2017

How Fibonacci Numbering Relates To A Quality Golf Swing

Did you know you can improve your game and pick up helpful tips by studying Fibonacci math sequencing? We often hear players say a good golf swing is rhythmic, flowing and beautiful. However, mastery of a consistent golf swing is one of the hardest motions to accomplish in sports. By understanding t
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May 15th 2017

In Focus – Byron Nelson, Father of the Modern Golf Swing

The early trailblazer of the modern day golf swing is recognized as Byron Nelson of Texas. Nelson is one of many great PGA Tour players that have influenced the DaVinci Golf line of outstanding golf swing devices. Nelson pioneered the use of increased leg drive on the golf downswing and forerunner o
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