May 8th 2017

In Focus – Gary Player, Fittest Athlete on the Planet

There are many great PGA Tour players that have influenced the DaVinci Golf line of outstanding golf swing devices. Gary Player is a Hall of Fame player and is recognized as one of the top international golfers of all time. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Player is one of the most recogn
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May 1st 2017

David Leadbetter, Premier Swing Coach

There are many methods that have influenced the DaVinci line of outstanding golf swing aids. One of the top swing coaches in the world falls into that category, David Leadbetter. Originally from Sussex, England, David is one of the most recognized instructors in the world. This is evidenced by the 1
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Apr 24th 2017

How To Improve Your Game By Watching Golf Media

You can improve your game and pick up helpful tips by watching golf online or on TV. These few simple hints can put you on the road to lowering your handicap.Routines and Shot StrategyObserve how the Pros Prepare for each shot. Take tips on creating your own pre-shot routine or just make a couple si
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Apr 17th 2017

Golf Product Review – DaVinci’s Total Golf Trainer

Golf is a game of consistency in motion, balance and concentration. Players able to focus on a single repetitive motion will find a higher rate of improvement in their golf game. The Total Golf Trainer has 12 Settings, 3 Shapes and helps with all the shot types in golf. Here are some tips the next
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Mar 27th 2017

What’s In Our Name?

DaVinci Sports has a proud heritage in the instructional and product segments of the golf industry. Our mission is to help golfers of all levels improve their game and shoot lower scores. We support our customers by providing better swing habits through FEELING the right set-up, balance and swing.We
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