Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit | TGT 3.0

Everything You Need To Improve Your Swing And Lower Your Scores!

This Kit Comes With 3 Golf Training Aids!

Watch this video to see how to use the Total Golf Trainer products in your lessons at the range or at home / office. Practice with a purpose. Learn Your Process Own Your Swing!

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Maximize your feedback to accelerate your learning process!!

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The NEW TGT V2 is the first multi tool in golf that fits all clubs from US Kids to Jumbo grips. The flexible training rods have the ability to shape into many leading products on the market ie. (Hanger, Educator, Impact Snap, Swingyde, Lag Stick) and many more. Reinforce fundamentals and fix all of your swing faults. Improve your full swing, pitching and chipping.


The TGT ARM controls club face eliminating flipping and scooping at impact. Create a flat lead wrist at the top of the swing and Impact. Feel trail wrist lag in the downswing creating a dynamic shaft lean at impact, train the correct release of the arms and club for more consistent ball striking and shot shaping.


The TGT HIP can Improve Downswing Sequence, Posture and Hip Rotation for More Consistent Ball-Striking. Correct sequence, as well as proper hip rotation while maintaining posture on the backswing and downswing are essential to hitting solid golf shots consistently.

Key Features:

  • Incorrect Wrist Set


  • Extreme Open Or Closed Club Face


  • Sucking The Club Inside On The Takeaway


  • Too Laid Off Or Across The Line At Top Of The Backswing


  • Loss Of Width, Tendency To Over Swing


  • Over The Top Downswing Move


  • Casting Or Early Release Of The Club On The Downswing


  • Loss Of Posture, Early Extension At Impact


  • Flipping Or Scooping

$149.97 ON SALE $134.97
+ Free Shipping

The Total Golf Trainer TGT 3.0 Kit is the first all in one training kit that is completely custom to your swing. All products fit juniors & adults with settings for beginner to professional. Our flexible training rods allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty while providing safe effective feedback.


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On Sale $134.97

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The Most Versatile Golf Training Device The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 is the Ultimate golf training kit for the avid golfer looking to improve your range time or reinforce your lessons. This kit has everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores. The 3.0 kit is perfect for the beginner golfer also, teaching how to move the club correctly, learn to control the wrist and arms, product powerful consistent lower body movement. The Total Golf Trainer products provide real time feedback. It is like have a coach with you all the time. You can practice in your home, office or on the range and make swings that make a difference. If you just cant get rid of a bad habit or have been practicing hitting a million golf balls seeing no difference in your game. This is because you have no feedback when you are making a good swing. The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 teaches how to correctly move the club to improve the takeaway, downswing path, impact, release. The Total Golf trainer Arm trains wrist and arm positions flat lead wrist or bent trail wrist. Create more extension in the backswing, increase your angle of attach and learn to unleash power at impact. The total Golf trainer Hip teaches correct hip turn in the backswing feeling a proper load. Learn to sequence the downswing increasing speed and rotation through the ball.

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$149.97 ON SALE $134.97
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