Oct 23rd 2017

The Best Damn Golf Training Device on the Market

Looking to improve your game? Lower your handicap? Then understanding golf is a game of consistency in motion, balance and concentration is paramount. Players able to focus on a single repetitive motion will find a higher rate of improvement in their golf game. DaVinci’s Total Golf Trainer is am ama
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Oct 16th 2017

In Focus – The Draw Fade Band

Ever wonder why and how golf balls in flight either draw or fade? Want to advance your proficiency to feature shots with controlled movement in your game? Then you’re in the right place. Assuming a right-handed golfer, a ball that draws moves right to left and a golf ball that moves left to right is
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Aug 23rd 2017

In Focus – Lee Trevino, Greatest Hispanic Golfer of All Time

Lee Trevino is recognized as the most accomplished Hispanic golfer with a swashbuckling swing and fearless approach to the game. DaVinci Sports Golf division has incorporated Trevino’s excellent ball striking skills into our outstanding line of swing devices. The DaVinci aids and equipment are utili
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