​Top 3 Settings for the NEW Total Golf Trainer V2

Posted by Michael Gish on Apr 23rd 2019

​Top 3 Settings for the NEW Total Golf Trainer V2

Top 3 Settings:

Straight Setting

The Straight setting out of the top port will eliminate holding an alignment stick on the end of your club. You can use the long or short rod depending on whether you’re short, tall, or anywhere in between. This setting can be used for chipping, pitching and hitting full shots. Here’s how it works: At address, the Red ball points away from your body towards the target.

If you make a swing and the ball or rod doesn’t touch you then this is positive feedback that you want to repeat. The feedback is instant and effective.

You will feel the touch of the training rod and visually see the bend if it contacts the body. If the ball or rod touches your body this is negative feedback.

“Hanger Setting “

The Hanger Setting will provide instant feedback for a square club face with a lag element that will train proper wrist hinge and downswing lag. The adjustable training rods allows for personal setting based on strength of grip. This Hanger setting is the best setting for your full swing, but can be used for chipping and pitching as well, by simply adjusting the lag element bend to control length of swing for pitch shots to help distance control with wedges. In chipping the leg element bend will be directly over the lead forearm eliminating excess wrist movements resulting in more consistent chips.

On the Takeaway create contact to the training rod on the inside of your lead forearm. The lag bend will be makes contact to the top of lead forearm providing feedback for correct wrist action.

No contact of the training rod to the inside of the lead are will provide feedback that the club face is open. No contact or loss of contact to the lag bend will provide negative feedback resulting in casting and loss of power.

“Education Setting”

This setting is perfect for training all aspects of your game. Attach the medium rod in the top port and bend toward the shaft(this will put the rod between your forearms at address).

Chipping Trajectory:

BUMP & RUN: This shot can be played with multiple clubfor different amounts of roll. This is a shot that we want to see a consistent amount of roll depending on the club.

Start by press the handle forward creating contact to the inside of the lead forearm and maintain touch for a Bump and Run Chip.

No contact to the training rod or contact to the trail forearm provides feedback that the club is flipping at impact causing very inconsistent chips

NEUTRAL SHAFT: This shot will result in more air time and less roll. This is a great shot for short sided chips and situations with less green to work with.

The training rod starts and stays in between the forearm making NO contact to either forearm this will result in a higher lofted chip with less roll.

If the training rod contacts the lead or trail forearm this will result in inconsistent results

HIGH SPINNER: Learn to control the club face and hit High Spinning Chips by opening the club face and exposing the bounce of your wedge.

The training rod will contact the inside of your trail forearm and maintain touch for a higher spinning wedge shot.

No contact or loss of contact will results in miss hit shots(chunks/skulls)

Full Swing:

The Educator Setting teaches full swing fundamentals including club face control, wrist flexion, shaft lean at impact, extension and release.

The Training rod starts between both forearms. On the takeaway contact will be made to inside of lead forearm. In the transition of the downswing the lead wrist will produce flexion moving the training rod in front of the lead forearm providing positive feedback.

No contact should be made to either forearm at address. In the takeaway contact to the trial forearm provides negative feedback that the club is working inside with a open club face. Finishing the training rod in between the forearms or contacting the trail forearm provides negative feedback.

The TGTV2 can shape into many of the leading training devices on the market. This one simple easy to use product will eliminate having to own multiple products. The TGTV2 is used my many top teaching professionals. The ability to help reinforce all fundamentals and eliminate any swing fault the TGTV2 has become the leading product for players to instructors. Learn your process and own your swing with the TGTV2.


1)Club Face Control

The club face controls how much the golf ball curves. The TGTV2 has multiple settings to teach how to square the club face at impact and hit a consistent draw or fade.


The TGTV2 has multiple settings that teach a correct takeaway by creating the proper amount of hinge and body rotation on the back swing.

3)Downswing Path

The TGTV2 provides specific settings that will force you to keep the club on the correct path and find “the slot” every time. By having settings that you visually can see, and that provide touch and no touch feedback, you’ll improve your downswing in no time.


The moment of truth. It’s no secret most golfers are searching for a better feel at impact. The TGTV2 has settings that teach a perfect impact position when chipping, pitching or hitting full shots. The positive and negative settings let you choose which setting is best for you.


Power and shot shaping rely heavily on extension and release of the club and body. The TGTV2 has settings(Hanger,Education, Straight) that can be used to improve your extension after impact, release the club properly for more consistent trajectory and curve.


1)Flat Shoulder Plane

This is when the shoulders get too flat in the backswing, which can cause a wide variety of swing faults. The TGTV2 (straight setting) will give you a visual point of reference to keep your shoulders on plane so you can make better swings.


This is one of the most common faults in golf that results in very inconsistent ball-striking. The TGTV2 provides multiple settings (Hanger,Education, Straight) that will eliminate the flip and provide more solid chips, better distance control on pitch shots, and more distance on your full shots.

3)Poor Body Motion

The body is the engine of the swing. The TGTV2 teaches you the correct body sequence so you can generate effortless power and improve your consistency.

4)Chicken Wing

The chicken wing is pulling of the arms into the body at and after impact, which causes you to top the ball and hit big pulls and slices. The TGTV2 provides settings with feedback you can feel to eliminate the chicken wing from your game forever.

5)Over the Top

The most common line said by your playing partners is “you came over that one”. The TGT will allow you to take control of your game, learn how to get the club into the slot on the downswing and deliver more power to the back of the ball at impact.

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