P.I.N.K. Total Golf Trainer 3.0 | TGT PINK | Ladies Golf Swing Training Aid

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Product Overview

Total Golf Trainer is Giving Back! Join us to help raise money for Breast Cancer by purchasing our TGT 3.0 Pink Kit and we will donate $20 from each sale to help this cause!

Our Goal is to raise: $5000 donation


The Total Golf Trainer line of products are designed to provide instant feedback for golfers of all skill levels to help lower scores and improve the overall golf swing. The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit is an all-in-one training kit.

The TGT 3.0 Kit is the first all in one training kit that is completely custom to your swing. All products fit juniors & adults with settings for beginners to professional. Our flexible training rods allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty while providing safe and effective feedback.


  • Incorrect Wrist Set
  • Extreme Open Or Closed Club Face
  • Sucking The Club Inside On The Takeaway
  • Too Laid Off Or Across The Line At Top Of The Backswing
  • Loss Of Width, Tendency To Over Swing
  • Over The Top Downswing Move
  • Casting Or Early Release Of The Club On The Downswing
  • Loss Of Posture, Early Extension At Impact
  • Flipping Or Scooping

Improve Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers, and Full Swing with settings that provide instant positive feedback when done correct and instant negative feedback when done incorrect. In fact, because it is such a versatile training device, it can easily replace several training devices already on the market including Hanger, Impact Snap, Educator, Chip Stick, Swing- gyde and many more.

The adjustability and ease of use allows for instant feedback to accelerate the learning process for beginners to professionals. Reinforce your teaching system or method with feedback you can feel.

This Kit Comes With 3 Golf Training Aids!


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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