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The correct upper body movement is a key factor for a consistent & powerful golf swing. The big muscles of our
chest & lats engage when the upper body/chest properly rotates in plane during the backswing & downswing
resulting in more consistent, powerful golf swings.

The TGT Chest provides visual feedback combined with external focus to feel & see a proper chest rotation maintain
spin angle throughout the backswing. The downswing requires the golfer to keep the chest rotating through impact
improving contact with all shots from chipping, pitching & full swing.

The Total Golf Trainer Chest is another versatile product that can be used with all 3 length training rods to ensure
correct chest rotation, shoulder plane/spin angle, arm depth(getting the arms too far inside/behind on the
backswing & downswing)
Learn to reinforce good fundamental while fixing many common faults such as:

⛳ Lack of chest rotation causing over swinging of the arms

⛳ Sucking the club inside on the takeaway

⛳ Shoulder plane too steep or too flat in the backswing or downswing

⛳ Arms/club getting too far behind the body in the backswing or downswing

⛳ Over & out trail shoulder move(classic Over the Top)

These are just a few examples!


Product Highlights

⛳ Easy to use and adjust based on the golfer

⛳ Simple visual & tactile feedback for all ability levels

⛳ Multiple setting using all 3 length training rods

⛳ See & Feel proper chest rotation/shoulder plane

⛳ Learn to engage your big muscles in the swing

⛳ Custom set up based on players feedback

⛳ Flexible training rods allow for safe practice

The TGT Chest teaches proper chest/arm movement throughout the swing for more consistency & power with every club.
The 3 large straps secure the TGT Arm snug to your chest ensuring your chest/center rotate in plane while
generating maximum power & clubhead speed

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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