How Do Golf Training Aids Help My Swing

Posted by Golf Swing Ticket on Aug 3rd 2020

How Do Golf Training Aids Help My Swing

Many professional golfers today would tell you they had to rely on training aids at some points to practice their golfing.

This is because even the pros have aspects of their games they want to improve upon. They then turn to golf training aids for help, and fortunately, the right golf training aids hardly ever fail.

An aspect of the sport that often constitutes a nuisance to amateurs, and even some pros, is the swing. And the swing is an important part of the game. Knowing how to swing properly would take you as close to golf mastery as you can get.

In fact, the swing is the first aspect of the sport that many instructors teach their students. They also recommend swing training aids to help speed up the progress of their students.

Here in this article, we talk about some swing training aids and how they help improve your swing. But before we get to that, we shed some light on what golf training aids really are.

What are Golf Training Aids?

Golf training aids are basic pieces of equipment that help you master some techniques of the game or steepen your development in the upward direction curve as you practice with them.

There are many categories of golf training aids, just as there are many aspects of the sport. So for every aspect of the game, there is a training aid that helps you master the technique.

For instance, there are training aids for alignment, clubface control, increasing lag, improving impact, gaining distance, and of course, for swings.

Also, an aspect of the game could have many training aids. Swing training aids, for instance, are so many. You can use one or a combination of these to make your club swings better.

However, it is not advisable to just head to the sports store and grab all the golf training aids you lay your hands on without having the recommendation of a pro. This is because some of these training aids are more effective than others.

That is why you should rely on the experience of a pro to help you choose one of the myriad golf training aids out there. But if you don't have an instructor, not to worry.

The internet is a hub of knowledge and information where you can read up enlightening content and learn from them.

And when you practice with these various training aids, you would see an improvement in your performance on the golf course.

Swing Training Aids and How They Help Your Swing

1. Total Golf Trainer Arm

Suffice to say, your arms, wrists, and elbows play huge roles in helping you get the right swing on your ball. It is important that you master the arm techniques that help you get a consistently good swing on the ball. And that is where this training aid comes into play.

TGT Arm helps you to up your swing game by teaching you the fundamentals of chipping and pitching. Starting by correcting your bump and run chips, and ending with the big flop shots, the golf trainer helps you to master the techniques needed to confidently hit the ball from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get a flawless impact position, achieve a better position on the upswing, or generate some lag when bringing the club down for a swing. Total Trainer Arm teaches you the perfect arm positioning for any kind of swing.

TGT Arm works by providing feedback, positive or negative, on your swings. These feedbacks support bent trail twist, flat lead wrist, and the position of your arms, from the top of the swing to the upswing after you hit the ball.

And seeing that you may not be stable all the time, it is advisable to provide support for joints due to the stress that they may be experiencing and a great option would be knee sleeves.

2. Total Golf Trainer Hip

Your hip also plays an important role in helping you achieve the perfect swing. The perfect hip positioning throughout the swinging process allows you to hit the ball at the best angle to get the best results. And of the many hip training aids there, TGT Hip is one of the best.

TGT Hip helps you to enhance your posture, hip rotation, and downswing sequence so you can consistently hit the ball perfectly. And when you get the whole sequence right, you can be sure that you could get the best ball strike from anywhere.

This training aid helps you learn how to control the way you turn your hip from the backswing to the downswing, and to the upswing after you hit the ball. Although you can get a good enough result when you wear just one of these training aids, you can improve your swing further by using two, one on each side.

3. Total Golf Trainer V2

Here is another training aid that does wonders for your swing techniques. TGT V2 eliminates the faults from your swing sequence in no time. What makes this training aid stand out among many others is that it can replace many popular golf swing trainers on the market today. The training aids you can easily shape this flexible training rod into include Swingyde, Educator, Hanger, Lag Stick, and about 11 more. The best part is that it is as good as every training aid it replaces.

With TGT V2, you can make consistently accurate chips, and avoid scooping the wrist as you hit the ball. This swing training aid also allows you to control your swing length to achieve better pitch shots. You would also be able to hit long-distance shots with increased accuracy.


As a teaching pro, recommending these training aids to your student would simplify your work significantly. This is because having them watch you before they try to replicate your movements could be tough.

Some students are naturally clumsy. These training aids would help them master the techniques and proper body movements involved in a swing.

And if you are using these training aids on your own, make sure you look up how to properly use them to get the best results.

Usually, the manufacturer of the training aid would show you how through their manual. Otherwise, you can always call upon instructors or use the internet to get the information you need.

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