Golf Product Review – DaVinci’s Bio Movement Trainer for the Hips

Improving your swing is the best way to feel better about your golf game. Some simple tip to keep in mind:

  1. Balance is extremely important and the basis for all athletic movements. Practice balancing as you stand above the golf ball to maximize your mental comfort zone.
  2. Practice a one-step takeaway by moving the club back with your shoulders (not the hands). This will increase power and consistency.
  3. Keep your swing tempo as slow as possible. This allows hands and body to square the club face to the desired line.
  4. Your golf swing is not vertical or horizontal – visualize your tilted circle swing plane.
  5. Release tension with a deep breath in your pre-shot routine. Visualize your shot and let it go!

The best product on the market to pull all of these swing improvement techniques into practice is the DaVinci Bio Movement Trainer - Hip. This affordable swing aid assists with controlling swing path, body rotation, and ensuring the arms and body movement are synchronized. The key is ingraining proper biomechanics by utilizing a variety of positions and settings. Order today and get on the path to lowering your score.