In Focus – Lee Trevino, Greatest Hispanic Golfer of All Time

Posted by DaVinci Sports Golf on Aug 23rd 2017

In Focus – Lee Trevino, Greatest Hispanic Golfer of All Time

Lee Trevino is recognized as the most accomplished Hispanic golfer with a swashbuckling swing and fearless approach to the game. DaVinci Sports Golf division has incorporated Trevino’s excellent ball striking skills into our outstanding line of swing devices. The DaVinci aids and equipment are utilized by the top PGA teaching professionals at quality golf courses across the country.

Trevino was born in 1939 in Dallas, TX as Lee Buck Trevino. He was raised by his Mother, Juanita and Grandfather, Joe, a gravedigger. The Family had little means and at age 5 Lee was working in the area cotton fields. Trevino was introduced to golf by an uncle and left school at 14 to work as primarily as a caddy where he would hit 300 balls a day on a 3-hole short course behind the caddy’s work area. At age 17, Trevino joined the US Marine Corps as a machine gunner and was discharged 4 years later in 1960 as a Corporal. Trevino leveraged his military service to play golf with Marine Corps officers. His first position following the military was as a club pro in El Paso. In 1966, Trevino qualified for the US Open and his career took off from there.

Trevino won 6 major championships, winning 2 each US Open, PGA and The Open Championship titles. The Masters eluded Trevino but he won 29 PGA Tour events overall. Trevino was inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame in 1981.

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