The Best Damn Golf Training Device on the Market

Posted by DaVinci Sports Golf on Oct 23rd 2017

The Best Damn Golf Training Device on the Market

Looking to improve your game? Lower your handicap? Then understanding golf is a game of consistency in motion, balance and concentration is paramount. Players able to focus on a single repetitive motion will find a higher rate of improvement in their golf game. DaVinci’s Total Golf Trainer is am amazing solution for players of all competency levels. Twelve Settings, three different Shapes the device supports all the shot types in golf. Here are some tips the next time you’re out on the range or practice areas:

  1. Full swing, pitching, chipping or sand shots. The Total Golf Trainer is the only all in one training product to help you stay consistent and maximize your mental comfort zone.
  2. Practice setting the club correctly during every takeaway, feeling the grip, proper wrist hinge and perfect impact position. Decreasing your wrist hinge will result in increased accuracy. Increasing your wrist hinge will result in increased power and distance.
  3. Keep your swing tempo as slow as possible on every type of golf shot. This allows hands and body to square the club face to the desired line.
  4. The Total Golf Trainer is designed for all players - young or old, left or right handed, to get the right amount of lag.
  5. Release tension with a deep breath in your pre-shot routine. Visualize your shot and let it go with confidence!

The best product on the market to pull all of these swing improvement techniques into practice is the DaVinci Total Golf Trainer. This affordable swing aid assists with controlling your key muscle movements and ensuring your body is synchronized. The key is ingraining proper biomechanics by utilizing a variety of positions and settings. Order today and get on the path to lowering your score.

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