Tips to Improve Your Short Game

Even PGA Tour professionals have poor moments on the green or approaching with pitches or bunker shots to the flag. Here are some quick tips to integrate into your practice and playing habits:

Pitch Shots

  • Keep your hands soft especially your right hand (or left)
  • Make a smooth but not fast swing
  • During the swing your right hand should pass underneath your left
  • Maintain an upright, tall posture. Don’t slump your back. Concentrate on keeping your back straight.

Bunker Play/Sand Traps

  • At address, keep your club face open
  • Hit behind the ball and don’t swing too fast
  • Finish your swing completely and high.

Reading and Rolling Effective Putts

  • Survey putt from behind your ball and view the hole
  • Observe how the grain is running and where any water hazards may be.
  • View noticeable breaks from the low side of break.

For distance control, make best effort to have your ball make it to the cup but try not to go more than 18 inches beyond the hole.