Top Settings for the Total Golf Trainer Hip Device

Posted by Michael Gish on Apr 22nd 2019

Top Settings for the Total Golf Trainer Hip Device

Lead Hip Setting:

1)Attaching the TGT Hip to yourleadhip(belt,pants,skirt ect) at 90degrees to the target line.

TheTakeaway-the red ball on the training rod will give you a visual for hip turn and load into the backswing.

Top of Backswing-the red ball will provide a visual indicator for amount of hip turn and lower body load into the trail leg.

Downswing-the TGT Hip will provide physical feedback for correct hip rotation and posture.

When done correct the player will rotate the hips moving the training rod back and around making NO contact to the training rod

Done incorrect the player will not rotate the hips leaving the training rod in front of the body makingcontacttothe training rod with arms or club providing feed backt hat

Impact- The TGT Hip provides real time feedback at impact. The hips open at impact to create speed and power with dynamic shaft lean at impact. The training rod and red ball will give you visual and physical feedback to improve your impact position

Posture-correct posture through out the swing will result in NO contact of the training rod

Loss of posture or early extension will result in contact of the training rod for instant feedback

Trail HipSetting:

2)Attach the TGT Hip to your trail hip(belt, pants, skirt ect.)

*setting the training rod depends on how difficult you want to make the backswing and transition.

TheTakeaway(Training rod parallel to the target line)- take the club away on plane,parallel to the training rodat waist high.

(Training rod 45 degrees to the target line)then the hips need to turn with the arms and club keeping the club outside the hands

Top of backswing-the training rod will provide visual feedback depending on amount of load into the trail hip. This will help any type of backswing (stack and tilt, staying still over the ball or moving off the ball into the trail leg)

Downswing/Transition-The training rod will provide instant feed back to improve downswing transition creating more speed and a dynamic impact.Attaching the device towards your back pocket will lesson the difficulty, while moving device towards front pocket increases difficulty.

Done correctly the arms and clubgetback in front of the body with NO contact to the training rod.

Contact to the training rod gives the feedback that your hips have opened too quickly causing poor sequence, loss of power, inconsistent contact

Finish and Posture-Rotate the hips and body, facing the target in the finish.

Balance and consistent body posture will result in more consistent ball striking

loss of balance and training rod not pointing at the target

TGT Hip Dual setting Lead Hip-Lead Hip90 Degrees to Target Line, Trail Hip parallel to the target line

This setting has the training rod on the Lead hip 90 degrees to the target line. The TGT on the Trail Hip parallel to the target line. The dual hip setting provides safe correct feedback doing practice(eliminating the alignment stick through the belt loop) The lead Hip 90degrees to the target gives feedback on turning and rotating the hips, loading up the backswing and clearing the hips on the downswing, while the trail Hip setting parallel to the target provides feedback in the takeaway and downswing transition. This combination brings real feel and real results.

The TGT Hip reinforces correct takeaway, hip turn and load in the backswing, down swing sequencing for an optimal impact position. The correct hip rotation and sequence will deliver a more powerful and consistent strike every time.


1)Posture:is essential to any good swing.The Red indicator ball on the TGT Hip provides correct posture and gets instant feedback if your posture changes throughout the swing.

2)Takeaway:The takeaway will ingrain the proper feel for staying on plane and creating optimal width in the backswing.

3)Down swingTransitionis one of the most difficult parts of the swing to learn. The TGT Hip gives golfers the feed back to create a consistent, powerful and repetitive downswing transition.

4)Correct Down swing Sequencing for an optimal impact position. The correct hip rotation and sequence will deliver a more powerful and consistent strike every time.

5)Extension a key fundamental for power and consistency. The TGT Hip provides instant feedback so you can learn how to release the body and club powerfully for maximum accuracy and distance.


1)Loss of Posture during the backswing or on the downswing causes all kinds of wild shots. The TGT Hip (with its yellow indicator ball) will show you how to maintain correct posture throughout the swing.

2)Sliding of the Hipsis a common problem that affects many other faults. The TGT Hip will give you the visual reinforcement needed to learn the correct body rotation in your swing and avoid the dreaded hip slide.

3)The Reverse Pivot is a common fault that is difficult to recognize for golfers. The TGT Hip teaches you the correct position of the upper body whether you want to load in your trail leg, or stack and tilt.

4)Early Extension caused by the hips coming in and towards the ball is a deadly swing fault. The TGT Hip will help you experience the feel of correct rotation and eliminate your early release.

5) Hang Backis a common fault that makes it impossible to hit solid shots consistently. The TGT Hip will give you feedback using the yellow indicator ball to evaluate your finish position for more powerful, consistent contact.

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