World’s Longest Drive

Did you know PGA Tour professionals don’t hit their drives farther than a group of golfers who focus on hitting the ball as far and straight as possible? The World’s Long Drive contest was held recently held last October in Oklahoma. The competition has been held every year since 1975.

The basic qualifying elements are a Driver club no longer than 48” and a minimum shot length of 330 yards. Most of the drives we see in PGA Tour events on TV range from 280 – 325 yards. Here are the impressive results from the World Long Drive event:

Men’s Results

  • Champion – Joe Miller 423 yards $125,000 prize money (2nd title overall)
  • 2nd place – Ryan Steenb erg 412 yards

Ladies Champion

  • Phillis Meti from New Zealand – 310 yards $12,000 prize money